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Not only famous for beautiful poetic roads or flower fields stretching endlessly, but Ha Giang also captivates visitors with the beautiful Thi Waterfall tourist destination like a white silk strip at the Northwest sky gate.

Thác Thí - Hà Giang - Dải lụa trắng hờ hững giữa núi rừng 2 Thi Waterfall is located about 1.5km northwest of the center of Bac Quang district (Ha Giang) and is originated from the end of the West Con Linh range. Looking back from afar, this place is like the legendary fairy’s hair that has remained to this day.

Tay Con Linh peak – the origin of Thi Waterfall

Thác Thí - Hà Giang - Dải lụa trắng hờ hững giữa núi rừng 4

Unlike other waterfalls, Thi Waterfall consists of 4 floors of water pouring down the mountains, creating a dreamy white foam. The first cascade of the waterfall is located in the center of Tan Son hamlet, Viet Quang town in the northwest, and 1.5 km from Bac Quang town. The distance from the foot to the top of the first cascade of the waterfall is about 1km if going along the existing concrete road, the length is about 2km. This cascade in the spring and summer is stable, in the fall and winter, the amount of water has decreased. The second cascade is called “Ton Ba Con”, meaning that the big stone foot.

The second one is about 2 kilometers along the waterfall from the top of it. This fall is located in the foothills of Pu Nam Moi and Pu Khau Ao. This waterfall cascade is located at an altitude of about 800m above sea level. The water flow of the waterfall is numerous and stable throughout the year. From the foot of the second cascade are giant blocks of rocks stacked up naturally, making the waterfall the most attractive flows with white foam.

The third with the name called “Tat phu nam ma”, meaning the water is coming. This part has half of the falls along Pu Nam Ma mountain flowing from the complex of Thi waterfall, the rest flows along the left side of Pu Nam mountain. The top of this cascade is located at an altitude of 1000m above sea level, the slope of the cascade is not greater than the second floor, but it has a very great length, very large water volume running smoothly all year round in the middle of the forest space. The climate here is cool all year round, cold season temperatures can drop to 5 degrees Celsius.

The fourth is about 3 km from the foot of the 3rd cascade of the waterfall, across the ravine of Pu Nam Ma and Khau Ao mountains. The top of this cascade is located at an altitude of about 1400m above sea level, the slope of the falls is divided into 2 types, a very steep and gentle slope. Because of these special features, Thi Waterfall becomes one of the tourist destinations not to be missed when coming to Ha Giang. Explore this land from today. Surely you will have unforgettable experiences.

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Nestled in the heart of the pristine Vietnamese wilderness, Thi Waterfall is a mesmerizing natural wonder that captivates visitors with its sheer beauty and tranquility. Cascading gracefully down rugged cliffs, the waterfall creates a symphony of soothing sounds that harmonize with the surrounding lush greenery.

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