Located about 125km from Saigon to the East, this place attracts tourists from all over the world not only by the 20km long coastline but also the places for unique entertainment suitable for all ages and every time. Follow Vietnam Tourist Information to see where those places are!


Hike to Vung Tau's photogenic lighthouse - Premier Pearl Vung Tau Beach Hotel Address: located on the top of Small Mountain Parking fee: 5,000 VND Lighthouse is a place that viotors who booked tour in Travel Companies in Vietnam can admire the whole city of Vung Tau, take the sight to the other mountains, watching the vast blue sea and hidden rooftops. Moreover, this is a place for amateur photographers to produce the most unique and "virtual" images among the land covered with nature. The Lighthouse is right in the center so you can book a central hotel in Vung Tau city to make it easy to play to the tourist spots. The road to the lighthouse is beautiful and very easy to go because of clear signs. You just need to be careful with the bends. In this place, feel the sea breeze and the most comfortable space.

Going to Con Heo Hill

Đồi Con Heo Vũng Tàu - Địa điểm sống ảo nổi tiếng ở thành phố biển Address: located just behind Back Beach, near Small Mountain This is also a great location for those who love photography. Not only that, you can come to this pristine hill simply to see the moment when nature changes. The place has an amazing feature that it is beautiful and charming whenever you come. The dry season seems to be sad with spindly trees without leaves. However, the beauty lies in that sadness, giving the visitor a mysterious, unspoiled feeling. When the rainy season comes, the smooth green lawns grow up to welcome an energetic day. Watching the sunrise or sunset on the Con Heo Hill is the most beautiful thing, because we can take our sight far away, catch the first sunlight of the dawn or the mystical sky at the end a busy day. In addition to sightseeing, photography, this is also a reasonable place for camping, picnic or teambuilding at weekend. The space is very suitable for camping and BBQ, visitors on Vietnam Small Group Tours just need to prepare fully before going here. Spend your holiday at the beautiful Bai Sau area hotels, invite each other to see the early morning sunrise on the Con Heo hill.

Da Xanh Lake

Hồ đá xanh - Khung cảnh non nước hữu tình và những điều cần chú ý   Address: located on the road to Vung Tau, in Tan Thanh district, near Nui Dinh slopes. 1 - Photography fee: 20,000 VND / person 2 - Wedding photography fee: VND 150,000 / person 3 - Fee for shooting with sheep: VND 50,000 / person The Da Xanh Lake is surrounded by the mountains and such clear blue water that you seem to be able to see the bottom and blue color of the sky. This scenery creates the fanciful charm for this place. Here, people built more details such as wooden bridges, swings and boats to the middle of the lake to capture the best moments. Not only becoming the photography location of the young people but also the shimmering wedding photos of couples about to marry. In addition, you can shoot with beautiful, cute and extremely friendly sheep. You can book hotels near Tan Thanh district for convenient sightseeing, travel with your loved ones.