Ha Giang - the first place to draw strokes on the map of Vietnam, this place attracts people with majestic winding roads. Bac Sum pass is like Pha Din pass, one of the four great peaks of the Vietnam Pass. Have a chance to explore Ha Giang, do not forget about Bac Sum pass!  

Introducing the Bac Sum Pass

Bac Sum Pass from Minh Tan commune (Vi Xuyen) to Quyet Tien commune (Quan Ba) is likened to many people such as Pha Din pass in Ha Giang. The winding road like a snake taking us to a special land of Ha Giang, a rocky area with a different climate, colder. From here looking down is a winding path, sometimes mystical in the clouds, sometimes brightening in the sun. During Ha Giang tours, drivers often stop their cars in order that visitors take photos with the majestic branches of the pass.

Outstanding characteristics of the legendary slope

The winding road like a snake us to a special land of Ha Giang, a rocky area with a different climate, colder even a few kilometers apart. From here looking down is a winding path, sometimes in the clouds, sometimes in the sun. The higher you climb on that Bac Sum slope until you stop to rest, look down the road that has passed, at this time the more we are overwhelmed by the road when viewed from above can bend yourself through beautiful mountains. Going to the section of Can Ty on the Mien river bank, we can see the holes of the rock stabbing down the road, this is the result of the orphan stone - a rock found only on the rocky plateau rolling from the mountains down the asphalt for a long time. Coming to the M-shaped bend between the rocky mountains in the rugged Yen Minh will create significant feelings for visitors who are impressed by the meaning of the path formed from the gray and rugged cliffs. people who live in harsh places like rocks need to know how to bend and manage to cycle through the hardships of life. Across the Bac Sum slope, the rocky path at the top of Tam Son town directs your eyes to the charming mountain pair. No need to write 2 more words "Twin Mountain" at the foot of this pair of mountains everyone knows it is Double Mountain already. From this part of the road, countless drivers were stumbling because they were chasing after the thought why was nature so full and so idylic.

When is the best time to visit Bac Sum Slope?

In the season of green or ripe rice, Tam Son valley is floating in green - yellow colors, adorning a couple of fairy mountains becoming more sweet and seductive. When the smoke and fog season is over, the winter comes and the mountains are dim, making visitors feel mystical. Bac Sum Slope is an interesting place to explore when traveling to Ha Giang. Many tourists come and admire the majestic scenery of mountains and forests in the sky.