Vung Tau City is famous for beautiful beaches like Bai Truoc, Bai Sau, Bai Dua, Bai Dau ... Each beach has its own beauty, combining together to form a vast territorial sea covering the city. During this holiday tour, visitors could visit Bai Dau - Vung Tau's peaceful beach located in the north of the city centre. With beautiful and poetic natural scenery, Bai Dau "promises" to bring visitors on Vietnam package Tours a memorable journey. Bai Dau Beach

Some information about Bai Dau

Bai Dau or also called Phuong Thao beach, formerly named Vung May. According to many documents, Bai Dau used to be a deserted area with few people living. Later, when coming here to set up their businesses, people replaced the forest trees with mulberry trees so the name Bai Dau also formed from there. Located in the West of Big Mountain, Bai Dau has a length of only about 3km but possesses an extremely poetic landscape. If Bai Truoc and Bai Sau attract tourists by the bustle, Bai Dau is loved by tourists because of its serenity and tranquillity. Located next to Big Mountain, Bai Dau is quite airtight and has little big waves. At the ends of the beach, Vung Tau tourists will encounter large rocks with unique shapes reaching out to the water. On high tide days, Bai Dau looks beautiful and charming; and when the tide down, the beach reveals the beautiful shells. Bai Dau is quite separate from other beaches and has not been exploited much tourism, so it is quite unspoiled. Visit Bai Dau, visitors can take a walk on the white and golden sandy beaches, wander through the rocky cliffs to learn about marine species or follow the road behind the coast to find a concave-shaped forest with many kinds of green plants. Along the coast, the shade of rows of poplar trees and adorn the extra beautiful space. Visitors on Tours in Vietnam can sit on the benches along the ocean row or stand by the edge of the beach to see the beautiful scenery. Sunset on Bai Dau is a gift for the coastal city of Vung Tau. When the sun gradually disappeared after the mountains, the space suddenly became quiet and immersed in the pink and red colour full of romance. Bai Dau - Vung Tau's peaceful beach in the afternoon has no noise but the sound of wind, waves and swaying leaves. Therefore, the tourists who come here, when leaving, seem to give out of all the thoughts and sorrows as well as the hustle of everyday life. From Bai Truoc park, tourists go along Tran Phu road along the coast about 5km to Bai Dau.

Church of Mother Goddess Bai Dau - the familiar destination of Vung Tau tourists

Mother Goddess Bai Dau Church is the common name of a religious complex including the shrine and the statue of Our Lady. The church was founded in 1969 by Bishop Joseph Le Van An and was repaired in 1994 with a length of 49m and width of 38m. Located at an altitude of about 28m on the side of Big Mountain, Church of Mother Goddess Bai Dau is shaped like a sailboat full of wind. From a distance, visitors discovering the tourist destination of Vung Tau can see the church with the 27.5m high bell tower. Visiting the holy temple, visitors will admire the white statue of the Blessed Mother in standing posture holding Jesus. The statue was carved in 1992, has a height of 25m and weighs nearly 500 tons, located at a height of 60m above sea level. Located on the slopes of pristine mountains, Our Lady with a solemn and gentle face makes the scenery of the mountains and forests here more vitality and closeness to people. After visiting the statue of Our Lady of Bai Dau, visitors on Vietnam Small Group Tours can go to the Big Mountain to admire the cross and catholic relics with 14 stages of the Lord as well as admire the panoramic view of the beautiful Vung Tau beach.