1. Chin Hong orchards

-> Address: 398 Group 31, Mỹ Nhơn hamlet, Mỹ Khánh commune, Phong Điền district. About 15km from the center of Can Tho city, Chin Hong is one of the most famous fruit gardens in Tay Do. Not only famous for its charming scenery, but this place also owns the sweet gardens thanks to the alluvial land of the South. Not too far to find back to nature, coming here, visitors will visit the garden, free to hand-picked and enjoy diverse fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, mangosteen, rambutan, etc. Besides, visiting the Chin Hong fruit garden, visitors can relax with exciting activities on the river such as boating, fishing, and enjoy folk dishes such as grilled snakehead fish, pancakes. In particular, banh it tran nhan vit xiem is considered the most unique specialty here.  
  1. Vam Xang fruit garden

-> Address: Lo Vong Cung, My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district. If orchards are almost all commercialized, the Vam Xang fruit garden is one of the rare destinations that still retain the typical nature of the Mekong River Delta. Reportedly, the owner of this fruit garden, Mr. Nam Lien, spent 20 years building and creating the garden with a unique and beautiful landscape like today. Vam Xang orchards are diverse in types of plants but the most famous is types of berry. Langsat is sour but sweet after swallowed, dau ha chau is lightly sweet and juicy. The ripest berry season is from fifth to tenth in the lunar calendar. Especially coming here, visitors can also sit on a small boat through the ditches to visit the fruit garden in the cool clear air.
  1. Rach Ke ecological fruit garden

-> Address: 396A, Mỹ Nhơn hamlet, Mỹ Khánh commune, Phong Điền district. Rach Ke Eco Fruit Garden is also known as 8 Doi fruit garden which is famous for its milk fruit gardens and ripe sweet oranges. Enjoying the cool atmosphere under the shade of the trees in the garden, this place is an ideal place for travelers to find peaceful moments and rest after a long time of hard work. Stopping here, in addition to visiting, tourists can pick fruit for their own, enjoy in the garden or bring as gifts for relatives, friends, and colleagues. In addition, choosing Rach Ke eco-fruit garden as a tourist attraction is also an opportunity to enjoy the Mekong River Delta folk food. Moreover, visitors should set up a team to participate in folk games in the garden such as catching fish, canoeing, pass through rope bridge, swinging rope through the ditch, fishing, etc.
  1. My Khanh Fruit Garden

-> Address: 335, Lo Vong Cung, My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district. My Khanh Fruit Garden is located in the My Khanh village tourist area which is a popular tourist destination for many groups of young people and families who want to enjoy the fresh air on weekends. Tourists coming here will be surprised by a large ecological garden with more than 20 types of fruits such as plums, mango, longan, rambutan, jackfruit, strawberry, durian and so on. All are grown according to the standard of safety so they bring you a fresh, attractive feeling. Not only makes visitors fascinated by the fruit-laden gardens, this place is also loved by the clear atmosphere, bringing the feeling of the pristine beauty of the river land. Coming here, just strolling under the trees, picking fruits and enjoying the sweet taste is enough to make visitors feel extremely comfortable.
  1. Ba Lang fruit garden

-> Address: Ba Lang ward, Cai Rang district. Ba Lang orchard brings a wild look with quite airy space, in front of the garden, people grow Sapote, and behind the house, there are some dangling monkey bridges that are a challenge for first-time visitors to the garden. Coming here, visitors will have many interesting experiences about local life and local people, simple but very deep. Life is full of peace, honesty and comfort that rare places have. The garden has an area of ​​about 4.2ha, owning poetic scenery with fruit gardens and a large lotus pond blooming with pale pink flowers. When entering Ba Lang garden, visitors will come across an immense rice field. With extremely quiet space, this place is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a peaceful and gentle place in the soul.