Five Color Sticky Rice - Typical Food Of Ha Giang

With eye-catching form, the fragrant plasticity makes five-color sticky rice become a dish that makes up the identity of the Tày people in Ha Giang. Referring to Ha Giang tour, in addition to the attraction of the majestic natural beauty, visitors will remember forever the unique five-colored sticky rice. Five-Color Sticky Rice - Typical Food Of Ha Giang Five-colored sticky rice is a famous dish of the Tay people used in traditional festivals. This unique sticky rice dish is made with 5 different colors: red, green, white, purple, yellow symbolizing the five elements which include Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The Tay people perceive the color of the sticky rice as a beautiful symbol of prosperity for the family.

The color meaning of five-color sticky rice dish in Ha Giang?

The sticky and round glutinous rice grains, through the skillful hands of the Tay woman in Ha Giang, have become a very unique and eye-catching sticky rice with five colors. Not only owning high aesthetic but behind these colors is also a hidden meaning of a wish the favorable New Year of the Tay people. With red has the meaning of hope. The green color represents the green of the mountains with the wish for a good crop. Yellow symbolizes fullness. Purple symbolizes the richness. White symbolizes fidelity in love. To obtain delicious five-colored sticky rice, the Tay woman uses special sticky rice - nep cai hoa vang to cook. To make the sticky rice soft, people have to soak the rice in water for 6-8 hours. Then bring the sticky rice into the pot and cook it on the even fire of charcoal stove to allow the sticky rice to be cooked fragrantly. To sticky rice has 5 different colors, people divide the rice into 5 equal parts to dye it. Each color will be steamed in a separate steamer, this is considered the most difficult stage requiring ingenuity of the Tay woman. In order for the five-colored sticky rice to have an eye-catching color, the order in which the rice is soaked in the easiest dyed color to be put in the first place and put white on the top. Five colors want to have 5 beautiful colors, the color of the rice is quite important. To get a nice red color, people use Gac to or red rice leaves to dye, green is used from ginger leaves, yellow is dyed from saffron pounding water or gardenia, while purple uses black rice leaves. The white sticky rice is the original color of sticky rice. The delicate and meticulous way of cooking of the Tay women has created a unique five-colored sticky rice that makes up the unique identities of the upland people. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang, remember to enjoy and feel the delicious and delicate taste of this colorful dish. Not only enjoy but also have the opportunity to learn how to make five-colored sticky rice Ha Giang under the guidance of indigenous people.