Hon Ngang – A Vivid And Woderful Island In Nam Du

Coming and exploring the beauty of the Nam Du archipelago, visitors will discover that in addition to the unspoiled Hon Mau and Hon Dau islands, among the 21 islands there is a "vivid and wonderful" Hon Ngang in the middle of the open sea. Hon Ngang island has all the elements of a great travel island: blue sea, white sandy beach, golden sunshine, and delicious seafood cuisine.

1. Where is Hon Ngang located?

Hon Ngang is the Best destination in Vietnamin the Nam Du archipelago, about 90km from the Rach Gia coast. The island is called Hon Ngang because the geographical structure of the island is very special: no matter where you look towards the island, the island is still horizontal, so the people who put their steps first on the island named it Hon Ngang. In addition to the extremely special geographic structure, Hon Ngang also attracts visitors by the natural beauty of the island.

Unlike Hon Mau or Hon Dau islands carrying the beauty of a true deserted island, Hon Ngang is a modern, busy and affluent tourist island. On the island, there are more than 900 households living by aquaculture and fishing. Therefore, the Hon Ngang sea is always noisy and crowded with boats in the early morning. Although there are many households living on the island, the beaches in Hon Ngang still retain the pristine beauty that Mother Nature bestows.

2. Discover the vivid and wonderful beauty of Hon Ngang Nam Du

Hon Ngang harbor

Tourists to Hon Ngang in the early morning will see the scenery of Hon Ngang harbor busy with ships. The ships that looked worn down by the time are full of fish and shrimp coming back after the night cruise, making the quiet seaport extremely busy. Visiting on Vietnam Small Group Tours toHon Ngang harbor early in the morning is also an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the daily life of people on the beach in Hon Ngang.

The beaches in Hon Ngang also own pure white sand and clear blue water like other beaches in Nam Du. In particular, in addition to a pure white sand beach and cool blue sea, Chuong beach and Bac beach in Hon Ngang are also favored by nature with bumpy rocky cliffs of unique shapes protruding into the sea. These rocky rapids give Chuong and Bac beaches a unique beauty compared to other tourist destinations Nam Du which also owns beautiful beaches such as Hon Mau, Hon Lon, and Hon Dau islands.

Go to the beach

Admire the clear blue waters of Hon Ngang beaches make visitors want to be immersed into the sea immediately. On hot summer days, the beaches in Hon Ngang attract many visitors to the beach and resort.

See the sunset

If Hon Ngang port is an attractive place for tourists to visit in the early morning, Hon Ngang beaches are the place that attracts many tourists to stop at sunset. The sunset over Hon Ngang beach is as beautiful as a painting. At that moment, the whole sky darkened, the blue sea gradually turned dark blue and the beautiful sea scenery became dim in the darkness gradually.

Enjoying Hon Ngang seafood

Visitors who have ever been to Hon Ngang certainly cannot miss the fresh seafood dishes such as grilled sea urchins, grilled shrimp, clam porridge, grilled oysters with onions fat, etc. To enjoy delicious seafood dishes at cheap prices, most visitors go to the fish farm located near Hon Ngang harbor.

3. What to play when traveling to Hon Ngang?

In addition to the activities of swimming and taking photos, visitors to Hon Ngang also experience a day fishing on the sea, camping on the beach, climbing to discover rocky cliffs on the shore.

If the beautiful scenes and fun activities on Hon Ngang is not enough to satisfy you, try to visit the Lon Island and see the beautiful islands in the archipelago from Nam Du lighthouse - the highest lighthouse Vietnam.

Coming to Hon Ngang on a tour of Nam Du archipelago, visitors will know that inside this beautiful archipelago, there is still a "vivid and wonderful" Hon Ngang in the middle of the open sea. With its attractive beauty, Hon Ngang is gradually winning the hearts of travelers on tour in Vietnam who are passionate about discovering beaches with beautiful and charming landscapes.