People in Ha Giang land are always proud of "the most beautiful cave" Lung Khuy - one of the precious gifts that nature has lovingly donated to the rocky plateau here. Right from the first footsteps of straying into Lung Khuy cave, visitors from far away will be stunned by the magnificent, magical and splendid beauty of the walls, cliffs, and stalactites in the cave; enthralled to enjoy the masterpiece of nature forgetting the exit and relentlessly praising and admiring. It will surely be one of the attractions that you cannot miss every time you go through the road to explore Ha Giang in the Northeastern region! Lung Khuy Cave Lung Khuy Cave is the most beautiful cave in the highland plateau, a unique, sparkling, magical and marvelous masterpiece of nature and a heritage that contains many geological values. Lung Khuy cave is located halfway up the mountain, named after a village of the same name, belonging to Quan Ba ​​commune, Quan Ba ​​district, Ha Giang province. Lung Khuy cave has a length of about 300 m, there are two gates, in which each door is about 1.5 m high and 1 m wide, having high and quite wide arches. Step by step into the cave, you will, in turn, discover the pristine images of stalactites showing up in various shapes and rich colors with interesting, splendid and magical looks through unique cliffs. You will be transformed into an explorer exploring every corner of the cave, admiring the enchanting stalactites, strange creatures in the cave and listening to the echoing sound of the drops of water falling from cave dome, creating humming melodious melodies. Lung Khuy Cave possesses an incredibly beautiful population of stalactites! Each strand of emulsion contributes to creating a great work of art in this cave. These giant stalactites are like a solid, towering and stately tower, or look like a transparent crystal flower sparkling with brilliant colors. Facing the unique, heterogeneous shapes of stalactites created millions of years ago, each traveler from far away will be able to see, imagine in their own way. The cliffs also have many strange shapes, such as the soft silk ribbon, the shiny long hair of the young woman and the wall of "blooming flower" and the wall of "the magic guitar" that can make the sound when tapping on it, creates unique and distinctive tones of the stone. In addition, throughout the length of about 300 m with many different nooks and crannies, you will find the mysteries of the pristine cave and discover the mystery. The deeper you go into the cave and admire the beauty of the Lung Khuy cave, the more you will be surprised and overwhelmed, filled with the feeling of excitement, excitement to discover the miracles, rare of nature and It was like setting foot in the paradise of stalactites. Most of the stalactites in the cave are from 1-2 m long, white, transparent or gold, iridescent as if encrusted with gold, delicate and sharp carvings by the talented hands of the sculptor. The system of sparkling and sparkling lights adds to the splendid, magical and mysterious beauty in the cave, bringing visitors lost in the colorful labyrinth. The magnificent beauty of Lung Khuy cave does not seem to have any words that can perform fully. Those who have discovered and admired this cave will surely remember those moments, keeping their own memories and deep impressions that are hard to fade at the most beautiful cave in Ha Giang. The Lung Khuy cave not only leaves valuable values ​​of geological and geomorphological heritage to Vietnamese soil but also attracts and fascinates domestic and foreign tourists to explore and contribute to promoting new tourism potentials. This is the "golden rendezvous" for your upcoming trip to Ha Giang!