Traveling Ha Giang To See The Scenery Of Noong Lake

Not only famous for the Dong Van rock plateau or the beautiful but rugged roads, Ha Giang is also famous for the mysterious and attractive nature of Noong Lake, which is a place that has long been dubbed the "fairy heaven" attracting a lot of tourists. Traveling Ha Giang To See The Scenery Of Noong Lake Noong Lake is a natural lake of Phu Linh commune, Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province and is located about 23 km from Ha Giang city. Noong Lake is known for its floating forest, which is considered as one of the top "landscapes" on the lake. This is a long-standing freshwater lake, spread throughout two villages Noong 1 and Noong 2. The lake has an area of ​​about 80ha (in the rainy season) and 20ha (in the dry season) surrounded by virgin forest Large birthplace covers over 700ha, "floating" among Noong Lake with a pristine wild scenery. A special feature of Noong Lake is that in the middle of the lake with the lush green trees, there are also dry stumps creating a quite interesting landscape. Noong Lake is a wetland, belonging to a special type of terrain because it can both cultivate aquaculture and grow vegetables. The source of water for the Noong Lake is the underground water streams in the cave that originate from the two mountain ranges of the primeval forest - where Noong Lake bends against the cliff - and three underground caves connected to the Lo River. That is why whenever the lake water rises in the rainy season, there will be groups of fish upstream of the Lo River swimming along the overflowing stream to reside in Noong Lake. There are many species of fish living in Noong Lake including catfish and species only here. They often grow and develop naturally with many other species, densely forming a lively population. When visiting Noong Lake, visitors will have two different feelings at different times in the two seasons. In the rainy season, the lake water rises, visitors can wander with the villagers on a canoe or sit on rafts floating around the lake. In the dry season. When the lake goes into the dry season, the locals will release ducks here. The clear water surface reflects shimmering images of old trees, images of floating huts or a small boat. Every day, groups of people carry cages, baskets, and nets into the lake to catch fish and shrimp. At the end of the session, all shrimps and fishes are put together and divided equally in the laughter of all people. If you stop here, visitors also enjoy unique cuisine including dang fish, chicken, duck, goat, cow, wild meat and self-grown vegetables of local people. The most attractive is the famous dang fish throughout the region, with many types of processing such as grilled, fried fish dish or fish sour soup with sour leaf, sour bamboo shoots, pickles, and star fruit, especially when processing dang fish, the local people here will not dissect them, promising to be an irresistible delicacy for visitors.