+84-19003001 +84-984554345 contact@amazingtravelcorp.com
+84-19003001 +84-984554345 contact@amazingtravelcorp.com

1. By local bus:

  • Ha Loan Bus Route: My Dinh bus station- Mai Chau

– Price: 80.000-100.000VND 

-Depature time: From My Dinh (7.50am & 2pm); From Mai Chau (8am & 1.30pm) 

-Mobile phone: 098 271 2418/ 091 2490 679 

Ha Loan Bus

Note: The Mai Chau to Ha Loan bus will also pick up from Lac Village number 1 at 12.30pm, it will be an extra $1 on top of the regular fare. In order to arrange this, please call them in advance.

  •  Cuong Coi Bus Route: My Dinh- Mai Chau

-Price: 80.000-100.000VND 

-Depature time: From My Dinh (6.30am); From Mai Chau (11.30am) 

-Mobile phone: 091 279 6896                            

  • Tuan Dung Bus Route:

Mai Châu 8h – Phú Cường 8h20 – Chợ Lồ 8h35 – Ngã ba Mãn Đức 8h50 –  Ben xe Hòa Bình 9h25 – Mỹ Đình 11h40

=> Mỹ Đình 14h – Bến Hà Đông cũ 14h20 – Bến Yên Nghĩa 14h30 – Xuân Mai 15h15 – Lương Sơn 15h30 – Bến xe Hòa Bình 16h20 – Chăm Mát 16h30 – Mai Châu 17h50

-Price: 80.000-100.000VND 

-Mobile phone: 096 280 0074

  • Hoang Thao Bus Route: My Dinh- Mai Chau

-Price: 80.000-100.000VND

-Depature time: From My Dinh (8.30am); From Mai Chau (2.30pm) 

-Mobile phone: 0914 688 533         

  • Khanh Linh Bus Route: My Dinh- Mai Chau

-Price: 80.000-100.000VND

-Depature time: From My Dinh (6.50am); From Mai Chau (1.30pm) 

-Mobile phone: 0914 688 533          

* Among the available options, Ha Loan stands out as a favorable choice primarily due to its convenient schedule. It’s important to note that all buses come equipped with air conditioning, although legroom may be limited. To optimize comfort, consider selecting the middle back seat, providing a bit more space. Be mindful that buses can get crowded, especially during weekends, Lunar New Year, and holidays like May Day, so it’s advisable to prepare for potential crowds to avoid disappointment.

For those departing from Hanoi around 5:00 pm, taking a taxi to My Dinh bus station is recommended. From there, board a sleeping bus bound for Son La, Moc Chau, or Dien Bien at a fare of 150,000VND per person. Secure your ticket at the designated ticket booth for a seamless journey.

2. Limosine from Hanoi 

Opting for a limousine from Hanoi to Mai Chau can be a convenient and comfortable choice, but it may come with a higher price compared to other transportation options.

  • Limousine Ecotravel:

-Pick up location: Hanoi Old Quarter, Ngo Quyen Street , Hanoi Opera House, BigC Thang Long Supermarket, Tran Duy 

-Price: 150.000-200.000VND

-Depature time: From My Dinh (7-8am); From Mai Chau (3.00pm) 

-Mobile phone: 0972.979.232

  • Manh Kien Limousine:

-Pick up location: from the Old Quarter of Hanoi from 7.00am to 7.30am

-Price: 300.000VND

-Mobile phone: +84 961671168

3. By private transportation: 

For a two-day, one-night round trip from Hanoi to Mai Chau, renting a private car typically costs around $120. If you prefer a one-way transfer, either from Hanoi to Mai Chau or vice versa, the cost is approx $95 per person. Additional charges may apply if you wish to include destinations like Mai Hich, Ban Buoc or Pu Luong in your itinerary. It is advisable to discuss your specific itinerary with travel agents or car rental companies to determine costs, inclusions, and potential stopovers for pictures and rest.

Inclusions in the private transfer service generally cover gasoline, toll fees, driver services, the vehicle itself, and overnight accommodations for the driver. For more details on private transfer services in Mai Chau, you can contact David Nguyen at +84974313104 (WhatsApp, Viber).

Alternatively, if you opt for a more adventurous journey by motorbike to Mai Chau, make sure to explore the side road market in Thung Khe pass for local specialties. Don’t miss the chance to stop at the Flagpole, offering a breathtaking view of the entire Mai Chau valley.

4. How to get to Mai Chau from Ninh Binh:

Pu Luong Express Bus provides a convenient transfer service for tourists traveling from Ninh Binh to Mai Chau. We highly recommend this tour bus for individuals originating from Ninh Binh. 

Lịch trình giờ khởi hành Xe Hà nội đi Pù Luông bus limousine chạy hàng ngày

Ninh Binh to Mai Chau initerary: 

07:30 – 8:15 AM – The shuttle bus will pick you up at Tam Coc Boat Wharf, Trang An – Hoa Lu, and Dinh Tien Hoang Square in Ninh Binh.

08:30 AM – The bus departs for Mai Chau, following the route through Nho Quan, Ho Chi Minh trail, and the Man Duc intersection route to Mai Chau.

10:00 AM – The bus makes a 15-minute rest stop along the way. Passengers can take a break, refresh, and hydrate before continuing the journey to Mai Chau.

11:30 AM – The shuttle bus arrives in Mai Chau, dropping off passengers at various accommodations: Mai Chau Ecologde, Ban Lac, Ban Pom Coong,…

Ticket price: Ticket prices may be adjusted during holidays, not exceeding a 30% increase.

  • Children under 5 years old travel for free (when accompanied by a parent).
  • Children aged 5 and above are considered as adults.

Payment Accepted: American Express, VISA, JCB, Paypal, Discover Network, Cash, Mastercard

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