Amazing Morning Coffee Class


Our Vietnamese Coffee Class offers an immersive experience that not only captivates tourists but also equips you with the skills to brew and savor the authentic flavors of Vietnam, making your journey truly unforgettable.

Ha Noi, VietNam (Google Map)


  • English speaking barista
  • A bottle of Mineral water
  • All drinks in the class
  • Pick-up in the old quarter (local transportation)

  • Pick up outside of the old quarter
  • Tax (VAT)
  • All services and items are not mentioned specifically in the list above
  • Tips

What to Expect

This experience is a great chance for you to discover Vietnamese Coffee culture which is a huge part of Vietnam culture. It is also a chance to drink yummiest coffee drinks while you are traveling in Vietnam.

–     Kick off the class as you learn about the journey of coffee from crop to cup

–     How come Vietnamese Coffee culture is a part of Vietnam history.

–     Discover what makes Vietnamese ground coffee, fined Robusta, different from other coffees around the world

–     Our awesome Barista will demonstrate how to prepare Vietnamese coffee and bring out its true flavor

–     The main point of this class is about Vietnamese Coffee Culture and We make sure that you can be fun at the class and make it at home. This might give some new idea of adding the new Coffee style into the menu If you are running a café or going to open a café in the near future.

You learn all the secret tips making typical coffee drinks in Vietnam as well as the stories behind each drink. First you are making coffee with the most typical coffee filter in Vietnam – Phin filter with two kinds of beans: Arabica and Robusta. Have a taste of each coffee and see the difference between them. Second, you are going to make the most popular coffee in Hanoi, called Egg Coffee with an unique recipe from Hanoi Coffee Station. It represents Hanoi Coffee Culture (Northern Coffee Culture). Third, the representation of central coffee culture is Salt Coffee, you will be making it by yourself, instructed by our barista. Fourth, you are going to make trendy coffee. It represents for third wave coffee in Vietnam. Call Cold Brew Coffee with a twist of the mix.   The bonus of the class. You will have a chance to taste our unique peanut butter, Coffee.

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