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Vung Tau's Coastal Charms: Beach Bliss Unveiled

Doi Nhai Beach

Bãi biển Đồi Nhái Vũng Tàu - địa điểm giải nhiệt lý tưởng trong dịp hè này!

About 7 kilometers from Vung Tau city, Doi Nhai Beach is located on the route no. 302 and is “the gold destination” for the tourists on Vietnam pakage tour who are “fan” of backpacking travel. This is one of the rare beaches in Vung Tau without tourism exploitation. In addition, it is located far away from the residential area, so mainly backpacking travel and local people come here to enjoy peaceful moments. To get to Do Nhai Beach, you depart from Vung Tau city, follow the road 3.2. Just run like that until you see the sign leading Doi Nhai Beach, you go in and run a little further to reach here. The sea here is quite shallow because of sand from the river. Besides that, the sea water is extremely clean and clear. On a regular day, there is no visitors. Since there are no forms of tourism and business exploitation here, it is so suitable for the big groups to visit here and go camping. And you should prepare food and supplies beforehand.

Ho Coc

Biển Hồ Cốc: Kinh nghiệm du lịch chi tiết 2023

Ho Coc is located in Hung Bien commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. This is a pristine sea near the green forest where there is few residents. It has a rare charming wild beauty. Blue sea water, fine white sand, unique boulders, romantic Melaleuca forest and also boats clinging to moss,… all of them will make you have beautiful photos no less than in Europe. Another special feature of Ho Coc is that it is located near the Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu Forest Nature Reserve. Thanks to that, the climate and the atmosphere here has a little bit of sea flavor, and also a nice smell of forest flavour. In addition, the quiet space of Ho Coc is very suitable for those who want to relax and forget the chaos of work. Surrounding Ho Coc is the primitive melaleuca forest on the coast. This melaleuca forest area is “check-in” destination for many young people and an amazing place for couples to take wedding photos.

Bai Dau

Bãi Gành Dầu – nơi địa đầu của đảo ngọc Phú Quốc

Located on the west side of the Big Mountain, Bai Dau Beach is separated from the outside. To explore this place, visitors on tours in Vietnam can depart from Bai Truoc park, follow Tran Phu street about 5km to arrive. This little-known Vung Tau beach has many poetic rocks and is quite airy. At the two ends, there are many large rocky outcrops protruding to the sea, and the back is of a basin shape with overgrown trees. Here you will no longer face the noisy atmosphere of the city, but only the peaceful feeling. Amidst the deep green of the forest tree, the blue of sea water, there is a statue of Our Lady nearly 30m high, with the color of a pure white. This is also an attraction that captivates tourists, especially Christians who come to Bai Dau. Although not located in the city center, but the road to the sea is also very convenient. Besides enjoy your trip at Bai Dau, you can admire the mountains of the Southern waters. In addition, you can watch both sunrise and sunset.

Bai Chi Linh

Làng du lịch Chí Linh, TP Vũng Tàu thông báo nghỉ tết và khai trương kinh doanh năm 2023 | BÁO SÀI GÒN GIẢI PHÓNG

Chi Linh beach is located in Chi Linh tourist area, 3 km from Vung Tau. From Saigon, you follow the National Road 51C to Chi Linh crossroads, turn left and run straight along the asphalt road. Although Vung Tau is a little-known beach, this place is as beautiful as the famous beaches. These are beautiful beaches, cool breezes, fine white sand layers, beach huts, cool green hills, … This place has the immense beauty of the hill ranges, green valleys, …. All in harmony with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine. It is the beauty that people consider this is a “Da Lat sea”. In the morning, visitors on tour in Vietnam will be greeted by the chorus of birds singing. Noon came to laze under the lush green trees, letting the sound of the waves and the sound of the leaves of the leaves drifting to sleep without worry …

Loc An Beach

Visit Loc An beach in Vung Tau | Top 10 Attractions in Vung Tau

The last name on the list of less known beaches in Vung Tau is Loc An beach. Located in Loc An commune, Xuyen Moc district, this place has many beaches with different terrain. The common point of these beaches is the blue water that embraces the white sand. Unlike other beaches, to get to Loc An beach, you will have to take a boat or boat to cross a large lake. Although it is difficult, it is also an interesting experience. In addition, thanks to such separation, the space here is extremely clean and peaceful. After bathing, you can buy fish and seafood from the local people. Then grill the fish and enjoy it right on the beach huts.

Vung Tau's pristine beaches offer a serene escape along the southern coast of Vietnam. With golden sands meeting the gentle embrace of the South China Sea, these shores provide a picturesque retreat for sun-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike

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